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About Us

Universal Technomation is committed in providing training to the graduate students who want to pursue training courses related to Industrial Automation. At Universal Technomation, we are interested in bringing skills to the fresh graduate students and nurturing them to become masters of automation industry. Automation industry requires in-depth knowledge of various sectors and automation products such as SCADA, PLC and HIM drives. Though, knowledge could be gained from online tutorials but extensive training is not easy to achieve. Thus, Universal Technomation makes sure that all students registered on it are provided with extensive training. Students can register for courses such as software design, detail engineering system along with onsite support.

Need of Training

In India, employability matters and automation industry is capable enough to provide thousands of jobs to skilled people who are willing to take forward automation as their career.With cutthroat competition in other industries, engineering students do find it safe to get registered in a training course related to automation industries and bring jobs as well as future prospects at their doorsteps. In order to make yourself well acquainted with automation industry and become eligible for an entry level position in any firm, you need to brush up technical concepts and get prone to practical training on live projects. With financial crisis churning every single opportunity an engineer could get, engineering students trained in SCADA and PLC training are the one who become exposed to the placement market where every other company in automation industry wants to hire them. Few of training courses which are important to get hired in automation industry are:

1. Programmable Logic Controllers Training: When getting trained in automation technology, it's better to get trained in programmable logic controllers first. PLC training ranges from CNC machines to process plants which normally are larger in size. Before starting with PLC training, you must know the contents which need to be looked after.In PLC training, one needs to study everything related to PLC architecture and gain knowledge in field devices which are combined with programmable logic controllers altogether.

2. Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition Training: It talks about communication with PLC and all commands which are required to control PLC along with data acquisition. Training course in Supervisory control & data acquisition deals with applications which are offered by SCADA software. Moreover, one gets to know all about the features of SCADA software and know how to use various bundles for I/O structure.

3. Human Machine Interface: Human Machine Interface or HMI is one of the advanced features introduced in the world of automation which makes it possible to co-relate human and machine. For anyone to complete it successfully, one has to know all the basic guidelines about HMI. Moreover, one has to know how to download as well as upload programs along with creating tags. In addition to it, you can troubleshoot and look after problems which do occur in PLC often.

Who should opt for?

1. Engineering Students who completed bachelors or master's degree can opt for a training course in automation.

2. Technical institutes which are willing to make their students trained.

3. Companies which want to update their employees with new and innovative skills.

Universal Technomation knows how mission, vision and values could help a firm and people related to it could prosper and walk up the ladder. Mission, vision and values are three pillars which must be included at the time when a firm starts its operations.

Mission: Nurturing Engineers for Automation Industry

1. Universal Technomation works toward a mission of imparting knowledge and skilled training to engineers who are looking to excel in automation industry. In addition to it, Universal Technomation dreams of inspiring fresh graduate students and nurture them with qualities and proficiency which automation industry needs.

2. We at, Universal Technomation are looking forward to add values to the training imparted and update students with new and innovative technologies being used across the globe. Automation technology is one which is significant to use in many solutions and it gets introduced to new methods and updates which changes the view of how people think about automation industry.

Staffing Automation Industry with Experienced Employees

1. Not only we at, Universal Technomation would like to become one of the top training providers in India but a trusted name in the world of automation technology which could be seen as the pool of talented professionals. Moreover, we want each and every student who imparts training from India to become the change makers in the world of automation.

2. At present, training modules and practical exposure meets the standards of automation industry and fulfills all the requirements which is needed to make a professional fit for a place in an automation company. We are looking at the network of automation companies across the globe which are masters in automation industry and make students exposed to global standards and opportunities.

3. Setting benchmarks in any field makes a company to be recognized as one of the trusted names. Universal Technomation is sure that it will register itself as the most popular training providers across the globe after being in the training industry for quite a long time.

Targeting Excellence and Looking for Changes

Values are crucial for any company to survive for a long period of time as the successors and employees are expected to bring in the values in themselves and follow it religiously. Employees along with students at Universal Technomation know how the values can bring a change in their lives. It helps students to transform themselves from regular students to professional people. Values at Universal Technomation are more related to the ones set by masters of automation industry. Some of the values which students and trainers at Universal Technomation follow religiously are:

1. Aiming at Excellence: excellent individuals are much needed and if an individual aims at excellence, he is sure to achieve success with brighter future prospects.

2. Adapting to Changes: Nothing remains constant in the world and one has to adapt with the latest changes happening in order to meet the latest requirements of any profession or industry.

3. Work Ethics: Students are left with no option but to follow work ethics and professionalism which is expected in a company.